Like this… We think that weddings are important. We think that wedding photography is important. A wedding is a celebration of life and love. The type of celebration that gives us goosebumps, lightning in our veins and misty eyes each and every time we have the privilege of witnessing this amazing celebration. It’s so much more than a Pinterest board inspired event. It’s your soul in celebration form.

There is so much that goes into the planning of your wedding, pulling together details from venue location to menu to programs and table numbers. All those nights huddled around a computer planning out the details and the hours you spend sitting on the floor with a numb butt because you decided to DIY and hand stamp your own lavender toss bags. It all adds up. There are so many things at a wedding.

Think of this as a gentle reminder that it is up to you to prioritize what is most important to you at your wedding and that we believe you should invest in high quality wedding photography that really speaks to you not on top of all the other planning and expenses you’ve got going for your celebration but because of them. So you have something to remember your day by because it goes by like *snap* that.

What are there actually more of than things at a wedding? Moments. We think these moments are more special than any tangible object at a wedding.

The moment when you see your (almost!) spouse for the first time on your wedding day and they can finally see the dress that you have successfully hidden for them on your phone for a year (bravo). The moment when your niece runs up to her soon-to-be official Uncle at the end of the aisle and hugs his legs as the flower crown on her head drops around her neck. The moment where your groomsman gets so choked up during a reading that he has to pass it off to someone else to finish. The moment where you realize that everyone you love is in one place and how special that is because unfortunately, it will probably never happen again.

The thing about moments is that they’re fleeting. The thing about photos that is so wonderful is that it captures a snapshot of a moment in time that will never happen again.

We want to preserve these moments for you. Our hope is that through us doing what we think is important, you can sit down with your wedding album in 10…20…50 years. Hopefully at that point with your grandchildren on your knee and look back with them on one of the happiest days of your life.

If you think this is important too, we’d love to talk to you about it.