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        Our Guide to Your Engagement Session

        An engagement session is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Very few people we work with are totally comfortable in front of the camera and neither are we! We get it! An engagement session is great because it allows you to understand how we work and ultimately helps to bring a lot of calm on the wedding day because you already know what to expect! It’s also great to have some professional photos of you that aren’t on your wedding day. These photos can be used for Save The Dates, Wedding Websites, Guestbooks, and more!

        We pulled together this guide of frequently asked questions to help you plan accordingly for your engagement shoot. We hope it brings you some guidance, if you have any additional questions, let us know! We can't wait for your session.

        Engagement Session Guide


        What should I wear?


        What should I bring?


        Can I bring my dog?


        Where should we go?


        What time should we have our shoot?

        Comfort is key.

        You should wear whatever you're comfortable in! A second outfit is a great option to have but is by no means required. We recommend you plan accordingly to the season & location. It's also a good idea to consider your footwear in terms of the location of the shoot. It's also a good idea to have an idea of a place to change ahead of time even if that is the back of the car!

        What do I do with my hands!?

        All you have to bring is yourself (and your partner). If you had anything in mind that you wanted to incorporate into your shoot feel free. Some ideas are a bottle of champagne, beers to share, a blanket to wrap up in, or your dog (more on this below). We recommend not carrying a bag around during the shoot so pack light!

        Yes, always yes.

        Yes! We love dogs. Unless we're somewhere that you're comfortable letting your dog run off-leash while we shoot any photos that your dog isn't in, we recommend planning a time of year that is cool enough to put your dog in the car for part of the shoot or having someone come pick your dog up once we've gotten some shots with him. You don't want a leash in all of your photos and while we're more than happy to keep a hand on the dog when help is needed, it limits our ability to shoot.

        Someplace special

        Let's go someplace that is important to you guys! Where do you hike together, your family beach, your favorite coffee shop? The possibilities are endless. If you're feeling stumped, we have tons of suggestions for beautiful locations in the area. Let's walk a bit and explore!

        Golden Hour.

        We plan all our shoots for golden hour if possible. Once we have the date confirmed we will give you input on when we should have the shoot based on sunset. It's usually the hour and a half before sunset. We also consider things like city buildings and mountains.

        I don't like having my photo taken... will this be painful?

        We promise you will feel better at the end of the shoot than you did in the beginning. Very few people we work with love having their photo taken but we promise by the end of the shoot you will feel lighter and be smiling more. This is fun! At an engagement shoot we just hang out, walk around and chat while you get some awesome photos together. It's a great opportunity to shake out the weirdness and connect with your person. By the time your wedding rolls around you won't think twice about being in front of the camera.

        Try to align with a color palette and wear patterns that go well together. Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable!

        Outfit Tips

        Flowy Dresses: Easygoing long/middle/short dresses look great adding movement to photos.

        White: Classic. Can’t go wrong.

        Patterns: If you decide to go with a pattern, your partner should keep it simple with their outfit for balance.

        Pastels: Great because they neutral and look great amongst the natural setting.

        Jeans: Combinations of jeans are a great look, but a whole family in jeans and white T shirts screams family photo shoot on the beach in the 2000’s! Incorporate it but switch it up!

        Pop of color: If you like a bold color, we recommend incorporating one and then balancing it out with neutrals.

        Sleeves: For colder days we love to recommend knitwear, blazers and dresses with sleeves.

        Accessories: Feel free to add something extra to your outfit, favorite hats, jewelry, kids favorite toys, anything that makes you happy and feel like you!

        We don’t recommend: We don’t recommend dressing too formally for a session in a natural setting, we want you to feel comfortable and sometimes if you’re dressed up you feel stuffy.